Anonym is a network access anonymizer. Its main purpose is to hide your real public IP address. This is possible using anonymous proxy servers. Anonym collects proxy lists from well-known publicly available web sites, tests them and builds a database of working proxy servers.


Please note: the use of Anonym and/or publicly available misconfigured/hacked proxy servers may be illegal in your country.



Anonym collects proxy lists from well-known publicly available web sites, tests them and builds a database of working proxy servers. Every proxy is scanned and information about latency, physical location (country) and anonymity level is stored in the database.

Maintaining a proxy list is a hard task because proxy average life is usually very short. With Anonym you can manage your proxy list by hand or you can let Anonym do it for you with automated operations. Anonym can automatically download new proxy lists from the web, add new working proxies to your "favourite list" and remove dead proxy servers.

With Anonym you can hide your IP address when browsing with Safari, using FTP or mail servers, using SSH, Telnet, IRC or other network tools. Anonym supports http, https, ftp, stream, gopher, socks4 and socks5 proxy protocols. Anonym features also a dedicated socks bouncer and a terminal session manager. This tool allows you to connect to remote ssh/telnet/rsh/ servers using open socks.

Anonym is an Cocoa/Applescript frontend for /usr/sbin/networksetup, it does not install any kernel extension or background daemon.
Anonym is free and open source. Proxy lists are not provided by Hanynet.Com .

Please also note that Anonym "anonymity level" and "physical location" testing routines are partially based on public web services. Their availability may change without notice.

About anonymity and web browsing:
if you really need to anonymize your connection then you should try Tor. Tor is a free project and is available for a lot of platforms including Mac OS X. Visit and download Tor Browser Bundle for Mac to start using Tor and browse the web anonymously with two mouse clicks.


• Fast, easy, powerful and reliable proxy management system
• test proxy latency, physical location and anonymity level
• easily create update and maintain a list of working proxy servers
• uses Mac OS X /usr/sbin/networksetup to configure http, https,ftp, stream, socks and gopher proxy server
• download anonymous proxy lists from many public and well-known web sites
• automatically build and maintain a favourite proxy list
• keep an organized and updated list of working proxies
sort proxy list by address, port, latency, country, anonymity level
• check proxy server physical location, performance and anonymity level
• obtain proxy administrator phone/mail contact to report abuse
• verify and test internet connection and show IP information
• reliable network connection test system
• import and export extended proxy lists
• built-in open socks tcp bouncer
• built-in ssh/telnet session manager
• automatically get open socks list from well-known public web sites
• find a working open socks and login with ssh in 2 seconds
• get open socks physical location and latency information
• start tcp bouncer alone to bounce with external applications
anonymize access to rlogin, rsh, ssh, telnet, irc .....
• Quick Reference Guide included in the application bundle
• auto-update system


Download Anonym 2.3 (OSX 10.6-10.8)

Download source code

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Please read carefully:
Using proxy servers means "browsing the Internet using someone else's identity". It's almost like phoning with someone else's phone or driving with someone else's car. You should be authorized to do it.

The use of publicly available anonymous proxy lists and connecting to anonymous proxy servers may be illegal in your country.
Proxy servers are NOT tested by
Proxy servers lists are NOT provided by
The default URL included in the Anonym application bundle is there only for reference as an example. If you are not authorized to use it then you should not use it.
Using anonymous proxy servers may cause moral, legal and technical issues. Before using a proxy server you should be authorized to use it by the proxy server administrator.

You should use only trusted (elite) anonymous proxy servers. If you suspect that a proxy server is a misconfigured and abused computer then you must report abuse to the system administrator.
Use Anonym to obtain proxy server administrator phone and email contacts. Use them to submit authorization requests or abuse reports to the proxy server's network administrators.

Using a proxy and browsing banned sites may result in proxy owner's legal prosecution. Do not abuse proxy servers and please take CARE about proxy servers physical location. You can get information about proxy servers physical location (country) using Anonym "scan".

If you don't care about proxy physical location and you just want to anonymize your connection to remote web sites then you should try Tor, a free project from

Please note:

• applications are NOT available on the Mac App Store because Apple does not allow AppleScriptStudio applications to be listed on the Mac App Store. AppleScriptStudio is the development technology we used to develop applications since 2005.
• applications are NOT signed with Apple GateKeeper technology because Hanynet's applications are OPEN SOURCE. You don't need any sign to trust Hanynet's application because you (and the Mac community) has FREE ACCESS TO ITS SOURCE CODE.